Daily E-votion 4/20/2014 - EASTER!

Happy Easter!
Rejoice! The stone is rolled away, grave clothes neatly folded, no more the smell of death. Behold the empty tomb! Hallelujah!  He is risen! Rejoice! Scripture has been fulfilled, the sting of death is gone and victory has been won. Behold the risen Christ! Hallelujah!     He is risen!
Rejoice! The curtain’s torn in two, our God invites us in, Christ’s sacrifice enough to wash away our sins! Hallelujah!   He is risen!
 ©John Birch, www.faithandworship.com

Daily E-votion 4/19/2014 - Holy Saturday

Therefore I Will Hope
A Blessing for Holy Saturday

I have no cause
to linger beside
this place of death

no reason
to keep vigil
where life has left

and yet I cannot go,
cannot bring myself
to cleave myself
from here

can only pray
that this waiting
might yet be a blessing
and this grieving
yet a blessing
and this stone
yet a blessing
and this silence
yet a blessing

Jan Richardson; paintedprayerbook.com


Daily E-votion 4/18/2014 - Good Friday

Good Friday –

This somber day

When Christians mourn

A 2000 year old death.


He died, some say,

To appease a vengeful God

demanding a one-time

capital punishment

for human sin,

both past and yet to come.

It was, they insist,

the only way

we could be saved.


Others ask,

Is this the same God

who said, “Thou shall not kill”

now offering his son

as a sacrificial lamb

to be slain

for our salvation?


Yet others say

he died because

he loved too much –

loved the outcast,

the sinner, the sick,

the poor, the oppressed.


As he hung there

bleeding, dying,

some heard him say:

"Father, forgive them;

they know not what they do.”

Is this what made

that bad day good?


Whatever we do, he had said,

we do to him,

and we are called

to follow in this way.

Thus, if we ignore another’s pain

we surely crucify him again.


It was indeed a bad Friday,

made good because

it shows the way to our salvation —

salvation as liberation,


from oppression to justice,

from war to peace,

from hate to love.

And this

is truly


© 1996 Doreen Lankshear-Smith, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

This poem was published in “Gathering” for Lent, Easter, Pentecost 1998.


Daily E-votion 4/17/2014 - Maundy Thursday

Jesus, we are holding our breath
Waiting with you for the days to come
We know the end of this story,
and the OTHER end, too.
But the first end: it’s too hard. We don’t like it one bit.
Yet, we are ready to walk with you. Keep us ready.
Keep us courageous.
We will listen and lead and bear witness.
Our communities will ponder the mystery together
and the OTHER mystery, too
But first, but first, come the Three Days.
We are holding our breath
with you.
Mary Beth Butler; RevGalBlogPals


Daily E-votion 4/16/2014

… Lord God
You and I have walked this road so many times
We arrive in Jerusalem
And then
Table turning
Spying and negotiating
Thirty pieces of silver - weighing heavy in my hand
Preparing with you to break bread
And taken by surprise that you would wash me…
Oh, Jesus, my brother - how can you do all this?
And tell me please, how can I help others remember, and experience and touch you?

Let me be worthy
Let others encounter you in this Holy Week

O God of all mysteries and unexpected blessings
Lead us through this week
Show us anew all that has been done for us
And show us again all that we can do in response

And dear God, if it is at all possible
Let the cup we lift be overflowing with love and grace
So that in every corner of the world
Where faithful people remember and share in the eternal story of hope
You will be there also
The unseen, yet tangible presence at every gathering

Amen and amen

Julie Woods; http://revgalblogpals.org


Daily E-votion 4/15/2014

“Thy will be done,” in its full extent, must be the guideline for the Christian life. It must regulate the day from morning to evening, the course of the year, and the entire life. Only then will it be the sole concern of the Christian. All other concerns the Lord takes over. This one alone, however, remains ours as long as we live. And, sooner or later, we begin to realize this. In the childhood of the spiritual life, when we have just begun to allow ourselves to be directed by God, we feel his guiding hand quite firmly and surely. But it doesn’t always stay that way. Whoever belongs to Christ must go the whole way with him. He must mature to adulthood: he must one day or other walk the way of the cross to Gethsemane and Golgotha.                                     

From Edith Stein: Essential Writings


Daily E-votion 4/14/2014

Lord Jesus Christ,

in this sacred and solemn week

when we see again

the depth and mystery of your redeeming love,

help us to follow where you go,

to stop where you stumble,

to listen when you cry,

to hurt as you suffer,

to bow our heads in sorrow as you die,

so that, when you are raised to life again,

we may share in your endless joy. Amen.

from the United Church of Canada worship resource, “Celebrating God’s Presence” UCPH, 2000


Daily E-votion 4/11/2014 - Palm Sunday Prayer

Loving God, at this time,
we remember that going up to Jerusalem
cost Jesus his very life.
So we come before you,
conscious of the way religious words
and holy phrases
can slip so easily from our lazy lips
and our hardened hearts.
What do we really know
of your mountainous truth,
your rock-hard integrity,
the depth of your suffering
for love of us all?
Forgive us for the shallowness
of our faith
and the timidity of our following:
forgive us for the ready excuses
we make for going our own way
and claiming it as yours.

Turn us round again, we pray,
by your Holy Spirit,
active within us and among us.
Show us how to be open again
to your faithfulness
and to your freedom,
that we may live
new lives
and be again bearers
of the seeds of the realm
of Jesus.



Daily E-votion 4/10/2014

Who’s waiting for my help?
my encouragement?
my compassion?

Who’s waiting to see me?
to hear my voice?
to lean on me?

Who’s waiting for God’s blessing to come
through my touch,
my words,
my care?

Who’s waiting for me
to do that little job
God’s been waiting for me to do?

Think for a minute…

You know who it is…


Now let’s get to work!

Austin Fleming; concordpastor.blogspot.com


Daily E-votion 4/9/2014

For all of the prayers

prayed today already,

the prayers yet to be,

and the ones that never come,

we pray.


We pray for hurting hearts,

fearful souls,

abandoned lives,

for those living in oppression by forces without and forces within.

We pray for those

who are sad,




We pray for the mystics and creative ones,

Who remind us of the reality of  dancing trees

and fish that fly,

Who draw us close in their embrace

so that we might laugh

and remember joy,

and the gift of silence in community.


For all of the prayers

prayed today already,

the prayers yet to be,

and the ones that never come,

….and the prayers that just burst forth,

we pray.



~Rev. Karla Miller; http://revgalblogpals.org

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